What should I do?

We need these documents from you: 

Telephone calls, correspondence with authorities and the organization of the funeral ceremony are among the things that come your way. Talk to us – as we can do a lot for you! You can trust in our outstanding support!

In case of death the following things must first be considered in particular:

  • if someone dies at home, notify a doctor, who will issue the death certificate
  • notify the family members
  • call us and arrange for a transfer of the deceased
  • make an appointment with us and we will discuss in peace what to do
  • under the telephone number: 03663 422370 we are always available for you


A helping hand for a dignified farewell.

  • Supply, dressing and embedding of the deceased
  • Qualified counseling sessions
  • Occasion of issuing the death certificate
  • Pension insurance notification
  • Survivor's request for retirement
  • Cancellation by the health insurance
  • Design of mourning messages
  • Coordination and coordination of the dates of all participants, such as cemetery, pastor, sexton, organist, speaker, gardener, stonemason
  • Design of a dignified memorial service
  • On request, we will issue a condolence folder for you
  • Advice on choosing floral arrangements and decoration
  • Provision of music and individual musical arrangement of the funeral service
  • Provision of girder, grave pit and grave close
  • Wooden grave cross with lettering Funeral services during his lifetime


There is a lot to do in formalities. The following can be taken by us:

  • Occasion of issuing the death certificate
  • Notify pension insurance
  • Apply for bridging money from the insurance carrier
  • Life insurance or death benefit insurance - settle
  • If the death occurs abroad, we take over the formalities and advise you on funeral opportunities
  • Design of mourning announcements, mourning cards
  • Appointment for the funeral ceremony with appropriate authorities
  • Course and organization of the funeral service
  • Floral decoration musical framing